Heaps of payouts completed past few hours, All payouts are resuming during prelaunch, we found a glitch in home page when we payout total paid is not moving yet it will be fixed by 30th may before prelaunch ends, as our team is on a vacation.We are prelaunching next 6 days till 30th may to increase membership base ,as we are stuck with 1729 members,Promote and Support us during the prelaunch and let adtyphoon grow and be more successful.
Our payplan in brief:
- Earn 2% - 4% Daily Passive For 75 Days
- Buy 4 Adtyphoon Hybrid Shares Get 1 $3.75 Matrix Sub Free
- Hybrid Shares Earnings Are Split into 50% Cash Balance / 50% Sub Wallet 
- 50% Sub Wallet Earnings Automatically Purchases $0.25 Cents Sub Positions Daily in Level 1 Forced Matrix
- Referral Commissions: 7% / 2% / 1%
- Max Profit: $30.75 to $35.89
- Ad Pack cost $15 Per Ad Pack 
Note For Ad Packs: Even if a member buys 1 now and buys 3 later or buys 2 now and buys 2 later or buys 3 now and buys 1 later system gives 1 FREE Position of $3.75 Sub  matrix position. Remember Our $3.75 sub matrix works as before it can be purchased separately and you earn in the forced and company forced matrix daily $0.25 cents get deducted for the next 15 days. PIF is working and you can pif in ur referrals anytime or buy in global pif pool too.
Time to pump up promotions and marketing at way best. 
we are already paying and would like to pay more in coming weeks and months
Stay updated & Post your payment proofs in our facebook:
Let us make Adtyphoon successful for 2019 
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