Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does a Ad Pack Cost?
Each ad packs costs $15
How Much Earnings Are Generated Via Your Ad Packs?
Earn 2% - 3% daily passive for 75 days
How Many Ad Packs Can I Buy?
You can buy unlimited ad packs and for every 4 ad revenue share packs purchased you get 1 FREE $3.75 matrix Sub activated
How Ad Pack Earnings are Split?
50% cash balance / 50% sub wallet, 50% sub wallet earnings automatically purchases $0.25 cents sub positions daily level 1 stage1 forced cycles
How Do I Get 1 FREE Position of $3.75 sub?
For every 4 revenue share packs purchased system gives 1 FREE Position of $3.75 sub matrix earning you FREE for 15 Days pushing the entire matrix structure
What if I Buy 1 ad pack now and 3 later will I be Eligible for 1 Free Position Of $3.75 Matrix Sub?
Even if a member buys 1 now and buys 3 later or buys 2 now and buys 2 later or buys 3 now and buys 1 later system gives 1 FREE Position of $3.75 Sub matrix position
How Much Referral Commissions Can I Get On Ad Packs Purchased?
7% / 2% / 1% Referral Commissions In our ad packs
Is Adtyphoon fully secured?
We have taken full necessary steps on security which is our first priority on website startup and development, apart from a password, a secondary password is added addtionally for ur account, remember dont use any passwords u have already used anywhere on any website use a good password generator like and save it on file or notepad
Which email provider u suggest? How to get your mails to your GMAIL inbox?
We are as a team and i personally use gmail for years which is the best i recommend to use gmail and when u get adtyphoon welcome registration message check in spam immediately and select it and click the last three black dots and click 'filter messages like these' pop up opens you will see the email of adtyphoon and just click create filter, next page select with a tick ' Never send it to Spam' , click also 'Always mark it as importan' t and click ' create filter' from now on all incoming messages will be routed automatically to your inbox
Are Youhyip?
No,For The Purchase you make we give you advertising as products plus you earn back profits as revenue generated on purchases made overall you benefit
How ADTYPHOON Earns You 24/7 Automated?

Adtyphoon Sub Wallet: Each subscription costs $3.75and when you fund in Cash Wallet and when youpurchase 1 sub it activates sub wallet ie is; $3.75 is transferred from your Cash Wallet to Sub Wallet automatically and for 15 Days it will automatically start creating $0.25 position daily, You can buy upto 3 subs per day and every day 3 positions of $0.25 cents gets purchased automatically from your sub wallet

Cash Wallet : Your funding shows up in this wallet

Sub Wallet : When you purchase positions, sub wallet gets activated and daily positions gets automatically purchased from sub wallet

All your earnings reflect in cash wallet, you can cashout anytime

PIF Feature: You can still PIF people for $0.25 Cents at your will anytime, subs are not connected to PIF module

What are prelaunch time stamp lock in positions?
During prelaunch all members when they join they are able to fund and purchase their respective subs as per time stamp and on launch the subs get activated automatically and buys your positions and sub wallet gets activated in this case everyone gets a fair chance as they joined on prelaunch. You can buy 3 subs daily for $3.75 until prelaunch ends this are time stamped and on launch it gets activated automatically earning you then on, you have nothing to be worried about system is fully automated then on.
How much is a sub costs?
A sub costs $3.75 and every day $0.25 gets deducted from the sub purchased you can find in your account manage sub and there it runs, you get 15 positions for a sub purchased and every day $0.25 cents gets deducted automatically for the next 15 days
How I find my subs are locked in during prelaunch?
Click manage subs and if u have bought your sub for $3.75 it will show there and if u see $0 that means ur sub gets activated on launch and position starts to generate to earn daily and daily $0.25 gets deducted from your sub wallet so day 1 shows $0.25 gets deducted, day 2 $0.50 gets deducted, like that it runs till $3.75 sub is used and it shows total amount then
For now you can buy daily 3 subs daily during prelaunch until launch this way nobody looses their stamp timed positions before their referrals and others, to get this organized we had to spend stupendous time and effort to get it working, everything is fine now
Is upgrade compulsory to earn?
Yes, upgrade is a must and compulsory to earn.
What is minimum deposit amount?
A Single deposit you can start with $5 is minimum deposit and $5000 maximum deposit, and you can deposit again once your funding shows
How much time it will take for a deposit to show into my account?
All deposits are instant after confirmations
Which crypto or payment system accepted?
Bitcoin,Ethereum accepted via coinpayments also we accept bitcoin via blockonomics 
Are the Withdrawal instants?
No manual we will be checking for first 2 weeks for any glitch and then make it instant mode
What is the minimum amount I can withdraw?
The minimum amount for withdrawal is $3 and maximum $500 for first 2 weeks then to $20K per day
Do you allow members to PIF?
Yes, You can PIF all your referrals as per your balance or can fund and PIF referrals at your will
Is Referring compulsory?
Yes,you need 4 paid members to qualify for cashout, you can PIF for $0.25 cents and qualify easily
How many subs user can purchase each day?
Maximum subs user can purchase each day are 3.
Is it 4x1 forced matrix?
No, we are stage 1 forced cycles and stage 2 onwards company forced cycles causing unlimited cycles for members to earn
Can I start from any Level?
No everyone starts from Level 1.
Are the upgrades to Next Level automatic?
Yes everyone will be automatically upgraded to the next level on cycling.
Can i buy position now?
No we are on prelaunch. Only sub you can buy for $3.75 per sub and upto 3 maximum per day, on launch you can PIF your referrals for $0.25 cents at your will
Are there any preloaded positions for leaders or other members?
No fair for everyone on launch everyone can buy
Can I make more than 1 account?
you can use 1 account per member, but ur family members are welcome to join with different email id
Can I join without a sponsor?
No you need to have a sponsor
Do you offer a refund?
No refund at all
For each position bought we get any products?
Yes, advertising in the form of banner,text and login ads as per position
Can we bring in referrals using same IP?
Yes,If family members upto 5
How can we contact you?
Pl use contact us page as on home page :
In case of missing deposits or you didn’t enter hash id and blockchain id exactly or finding it difficult just send us username, entire payment details in screenshot or payment link of receipt and we will credit and get back to you via email Your patience is much appreciated while solving your issues